Conflicts & Consequences


  • Conflicts & Consequences

  • 02BArmy-Sergeant-Checks-for-Snipers-Panama Invasion.jpg

    PANAMA INVASION-U.S. Army sergeant searches for sniper, Panama City, 1989.

  • Refugees Panama Invasion.jpg

    PANAMA INVASION-Refugees relocate from their bombed Chorrillo neighborhood, Panama City, 1989 (Newsweek, Getty Images 523991312)

  • 04BHaiti-Aristide-Mural.jpg

    HAITI COUP-Woman passes mural of ousted President Aristide, Port au Prince, 1991.

  • 05BHaiti-Hospital-Coup-Violence_.jpg

    HAITI COUP-Woman wounded in Aristide coup violence recovers in central hospital, Port au Prince, 1991.

  • 06BHaiti-Guantanamo-Refugee-Camp-Closeup.jpg

    HAITI COUP-Intercepted at sea, refugee is detained before return, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1992.

  • 07BSalvador-Army-Group-Portrait_.jpg

    EL SALVADOR CIVIL WAR-Feared Arce Battalion officers pose with sign calling for arms surrender, Perquin, 1988.

  • 08Salvador-Military-Hospital.jpg

    EL SALVADOR CIVIL WAR-Soldiers recover in amputee ward of army’s hospital, San Salvador, 1988.

  • 09BSalvador-Dead-Mourned.jpg

    EL SALVADOR CIVIL WAR-Family grieves over their summarily executed sons, San Salvador, 1988.

  • 10BAmubsh

    SUDAN CIVIL WAR-Gunman flees after ambushing relief convoy, murdering rival, Lui, South Sudan, 2005.

  • 11BAmbush

    SUDAN CIVIL WAR-Samaritan’s Purse medics evacuate dying tribesman after ambush, Lui, South Sudan, 2005.

  • 12BDarfur-Sudan-Refugee-Camp_.jpg

    SUDAN CIVIL WAR-Refugees shelter in camp managed by UN and Samaritan’s Purse, Darfur, Sudan, 2007.

  • 13BMassive-Food-Distribution-to-Rrefugees-Lira-Uganda_.jpg

    SUDAN CIVIL WAR-Refugees receive monthly food ration, 110 pounds of maize, Lira, Uganda, 2007.

  • 14BCritically-Malnourished-Baby-in-Red-Dress-MUAC-Measured.jpg

    SUDAN CIVIL WAR-Nurse measures child’s critical malnourishment level, Lokichoggio, Kenya, 2005.

  • 15BJordan-Flag-Burning.jpg

    MIDDLE EAST-American flag burned during Muslim Brotherhood demonstration, Amman, Jordan, 1990.

  • 16BBeirut-Damage.jpg

    MIDDLE EAST-Man decries destruction of his neighborhood by Israeli air raid, Beirut, Lebanon, 2006.

  • 17BMuslim-and-Christian-Girls-Together-Prepare-Relief-Food-Packages-Lebanon.jpg

    MIDDLE EAST-Muslim and Christian girls prepare food relief packages in church, Beirut, Lebanon, 2006.

  • 18BMarine-Returns-Daughter-in-Arms.jpg

    SOMALI CIVL WAR-Marine returns from Mogadishu, Somali to embrace his daughter, Camp Pendleton, CA, 1992.