Disasters Natural

  •  Disasters Natural

    MALIBU FIRE-Between hilltops, helicopter water bombs the fire with little effect. The fire destroyed 359 homes. 1993. Malibu, CA 1993-Newsweek/Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 523984558

  • 02Fire-Fighters-Attack--Malibu-Fire-with-Hose-Line-November-1994_1994.jpg

    MALIBU FIRE-Firefighters hose flames minutes before they were forced to retreat. Malibu, CA 1993-Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 03Malibu-Fire-Burns-Out-of-Control-at-Night-November-1994_1994.jpg

    MALIBU FIRE- A beachfront apartment building burns to the ground, as overpowered firefighters watch. 1993 Malibu, CA 1993-Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 04Sean-Penn-Inspects-his-Fire-Destroyed-Home,-Malibu-Beach,-California,-November-1993_1993.jpg

    MALIBU FIRE- Grieving and angry, Sean Penn runs through the ruins of his home to accuse me and two other photographers of trespassing like paparazzi. Hola! bought the picture for $20,000, a paparazzi price. Malibu, CA 1993-Newsweek/Hola!/Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 540553380

  • 05Northridge-1994-Earthquake-Victims-Huddle-in-Blankets_.jpg

    NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE- Terrified, residents fled outside as the early morning quake struck. Los Angeles,1994. Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 06Northridge-1994-Earthquake-Collapsed-Freeway-Ramp-where-Motor-Officer-Killed-Helicopter-View_.jpg

    NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE-Freeway ramp collapsed and killed Motorcycle Officer Clarence Dean. Los Angeles, 1994. Newsweek/Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 524130582

  • 07Northridge-1994-Earthquake-Railroad-Car-Derailed-Toppled-and-Warehouse-Wall-Collapsed_.jpg

    NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE-Walls are toppled and tracks twisted from the quake that killed 57 people and caused $20+ Billion damage. Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 08Woman-Walks-Through-Ruins-of-Mobile-Home-Park-Flattened-by-Hurricane-Andrew-Miami-1992.jpg

    HURRICANE ANDRW-Woman returns to her destroyed mobile home. Miami, FL1992- Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 09Helicopter-View-Neighborhodd-Reduced-to-Rubble-by-Hurricane-Andrew-Miami-1992_1992.jpg

    HURRICANE ANDREW-Mobile home neighborhood is pulverized by the storm that killed 65 people, destroyed 28,066 homes. Miami, FL, 1992-Newsweek/Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 524338350

  • 10Walls-Ripped-from-Condo-Hurricane-Andrew-Miami_.jpg

    HURRICANE ANDREW-Couple stares from their Saga Bay condominium, walls ripped off by the Category 5 storm. Miami, FL, 1992-Newsweek/Saba Press Photos - Getty Images 541678738

  • 11Hurricane-condo_.jpg

    HURRRICANE ANDREW-Man retrieves valuables from his Saga condo bedroom, walls blown away by the storm. Miami, FL1992-Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 12Mother-and-Son-Wait-for-Help-Outside-Home-Damaged-by-Hurricane-Andrew-Miami-1992_1992.jpg

    HURRICANE ANDREW-Mother and son sit on mailbox outside their damaged home. Miami, FL, 1992--Newsweek/Saba Press Photos

  • 13Hurricane-woman-yellow-hat_.jpg

    HURRICANE ANDREW-Woman sobs in the ruins of her mobile home. Miami, FL, 1992--Newsweek/Saba Press Photos