Paparazzi Almost


  •  Paparazzi Almost

    MICHAEL JACKSON and LISA MARIE PRESLEY-lead a parade of children at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Los Olivos, CA 1995 - Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 523989866

  • 02Clint-Eastwood-2-Oscars-Unforgiven-'93-Academy.jpg

    CLINT EASTWOOD celebrates two Academy Awards for his film, Unforgiven. Los Angeles, 1993 – Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 523991778

  • 03Robin-Williams2085.jpg

    ROBIN WILLIAMS kisses his Academy Award for Good Will Hunting. Los Angeles, 1998 – Saba Press Photos

  • Emma Thompson Academy '93.jpg

    EMMA THOMPSON plays with her Best Actress Academy Award for Howards End. Los Angeles, 1993 – Saba Press Photos

  • 04Whoppi-Goldberg-'93-Academy.jpg

    WHOOPI GOLDBERG unfolds her much-maligned dress at the Academy Awards, Los Angeles 1993. - Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 523991036

  • 05Whoppi-Wedding-F-Bomb.jpg

    WWHOOPI GOLDBERG tries F-Bombs and balloons to prevent pictures of her wedding at her home. Pacific Palisades, 1994 National Enquirer/Saba

  • 06Whoppi-Wedding-Aerial078.jpg

    WHOOPI GOLDBERG marries Lyle Trachenberg, helicopter picture from 1500 feet with a 600mm lens.Pacific Palisades, 1994 National Enquirer/Saba – Getty Image 523989776

  • 07Steven-Spielberg-and-Torch.jpg

    STEPHEN SPIELBERG lights torch, opens Jurassic Park Ride. Universal Studios, CA 1996 – Saba Press Photos

  • 08Brooke-Shields-and-Tiger-Whiskas.jpg

    BROOKE SHIELDS poses with a mountain lion at Whiskas cat food event. Los Angeles, 1993 -Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 540554230

  • 09Christy-Brinkley-and-Makeup-Mirror.jpg

    CHRISTY BRINKLEY checks her look, hosting Supermodels of the World. Maui, HI 1994. Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 540542900

  • 10Sharon-Stone-Pool-Party.jpg

    SHARON STONE graces pool party, Beverly Hills, CA 1994. Saba Press Photos – Getty Images 523991568

  • 11Cybill-Shepherd-Dudley-Moore-Golden-G-'95.jpg

    CYBILL SHEPHERD embraces DUDLEY MOORE, Golden Globe Awards, Beverly Hills, CA 1995. – Saba Press Photos

  • 12Nicole-Kidman-Kisses-Tom-Cruise.jpg

    NICOLE KIDMAN kisses husband TOM CRUISE at Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA 1993. – Saba Press Photos

  • 14Flea-Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-MTV-Music-A-'93.jpg

    FLEA of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS growls at photographers before hosting MTV Music Video Awards, Los Angeles, 1993.

  • 15Angeline.jpg

    ANGELYNE, diva and billboard queen, poses in her pink corvette, Hollywood, CA 1995.

  • 11Genna-Davis-Wedding-Ugly094.jpg

    GEENA DAVIS and RENNY HARLIN marry, photographed with hidden camera, Santa Rosa, CA 1993.