Social Schisms 


  • Social Schisms

  • 02BColumbine-HS-Students-Hands-Up-Evacuated.jpg

    COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTINGS-Students escorted from the school by FBI team during search for gunmen, Littleton, CO, 1999.

  • 03BGun-Show-Show-Off-Orlando-FL.jpg

    GUN SHOW–Salesman flexes his muscles over display of firearms , Orlando, FL, 1992.

  • 04BPro-Life-Demo.jpg

    ANTI-ABORTION, PRO LIFE RALLY–Demonstrators march near the state capitol, Tallahassee, FL, 1989.

  • 05BGE-Strikers-Schenectady-NY.jpg

    GE WORKERS STRIKE-United Electrical Workers warm themselves as they picket, Schenectady, NY,1970.

  • 06BHomeless-Camp-Fort-Lauderdale.jpg

    HOMELESS CAMPSITE – Men camp near Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1986.

  • 07BNight-Drug-Bust-Fort-Lauderdale-FL.jpg

    REVERSE STING-Undercover officers arrest buyers after pretending to sell drugs, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1989.

  • 08BRodney-King-Riot-LA-Looter.jpg

    RODNEY KING RIOT-Suspected looter flushed from store, Los Angeles, 1992.

  • 09BYouth-Prison-Push-Ups.jpg

    PRISON BOOT CAMP-Officers supervise morning pushups, Bushnell, FL, 1989.

  • 10BCuban-Refugee-Rafters-Rescued.jpg

    RAFTERS RESCUED-Cuban refugees rescued by U.S. Coast Guard, Islamorada, FL, 1991.

  • 11BCuban-Refugees-1971.jpg

    LAST CUBAN REFUGEE FLIGHT-Families clear airport immigration, Miami, FL, 1971.

  • 12BCane-Cutter-Silhouette.jpg

    CANE CUTTER-Jamaican H2 visa worker cuts sugar cane, Clewiston, FL, 1991.

  • 13BBloods-Gang-Signs-Los-Angeles-CA.jpg

    BLOODS GANG-Gangsters flash their signs and colors, Los Angeles, 1993.

  • 14BKlu-Klux-Klan-Rally-Loxactchee-FL.jpg

    KKK RALLY-Klansmen present banner before cross burning, Loxahatchee, FL, 1990.

  • 15BGirl-fondled-Spring-Beak-Daytona-Beach.jpg

    SPRING BREAK- Men ogle and fondle girl, beach party, Daytona Beach, FL, 1991.

  • 16BGay-Pride-Parade-West-Hollywood.jpg

    GAY PRIDE PARADE-Men pose on their float, West Hollywood, CA, 1995.

  • 17BTopless-Car-Wash-Babe.jpg

    TOPLESS CAR WASH-Woman washes car while driver ogles the process, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1991.